Welcome friends.

Thank you for finding this page today. I have had this urge to share my thoughts and ideas with like minds and inquisitive souls for a while. No better time than now.

This blog is an attempt to share my life and my passions, all the while testing and discovering how best to come to terms with a new way of seeing the world. Not through my eyes all the time, but through senses, by picking up energy and trusting what comes to me through intuition. I know that we all have the capability to see more than what is ‘physically’ there. I hope you take this journey with me and we can learn together.

Everything I am now is because of people who have helped me, inspired me, nurtured me, made me laugh, made me cry. What I’m saying is, we all are a part of the path of others. Sometimes way more than we know.

One day at a time… today is all we ever really have.